This is a notebook with sketches on academia, history, economic sociology, organizational sociology, humanities in general, and management. We hope that the reader, perhaps a fellow academic, can find some intellectual inspiration while browsing through these pages. At its present state the notebook is mainly a montage of different sources, books, and links as time is precious and the authors have little time to pen their own material, but we hope to add original content in the future.

We have sections:

  • on readings and books for the bibliophile.
  • on British and New England history and other sociological consideration.
  • on art and art in general with a touch of French culture.
  •  on academic life and models for academic leadership based on aesthetics and morality.
  • on management and we have links to lectures in management and organization sociology.

Apart for being a notebook for these academic sketches, through these musing we attempt to find some models for academic leadership and aesthetic morality.