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Rethinking Competitiveness: Lessons not just for the U.S.

This report from HBS professor Michael Porter, Jan Rivkin & Rosabeth Moss Kanter calls business to rise up against short-term business practices and help bolster the competitiveness of the United States. They base their arguments on a survey that they have conducted among high-profile HBS alumni. They conclude that there are fundamental problems with competitiveness (defined as competitive strength in the global market place & capability of supporting high and rising wages, and living standards) in the U.S. and action must be taken.

I found it slightly amusing that most of the suggestions are similar to the oft criticized Japanese model that focuses on high standards of living for employees and other stakeholders, and long-term employee training. Well, it is high time the U.S. realized that short-term policies and financial tricks won’t help in creating a sustainable future.

Here is the link to the report lecture.


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