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Actor-network theory on “networks”: Bruno Latour

Although I do not consider myself too close to the discourse of actor-network theory, I sometimes turn to its “attitude” in order to gain new and creative ideas when I find myself lost.

This video is a keynote speech from Bruno Latour on “networks” titled “Networks, societies, spheres: reflections of an actor-network theorist”. A quite different perspective on networks as it is usually used on this blog. The speech is as demanding as you’d expect from actor-network theory, yet it is worth to listen and think about the questions raised. And as always, you can expect exciting metaphors and wit along the way.


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October 23, 2013 · 9:22 am

Weekly Quote: Intertextuality and discourse

“Until then I had thought each book spoke of the things, human or divine, that lie outside books. Now I realized that not infrequently books speak of books: it is as if they spoke among themselves. In the light of this reflection, the library seemed all the more disturbing to me. It was then the place of a long, centuries-old murmuring, an imperceptible dialogue between one parchment and another, a living thing, a receptacle of powers not to be ruled by a human mind, a treasure of secrets emanated by many minds, surviving the death of those who had produced them or had been their conveyors.”

― Umberto Eco, The Name of the Rose                    Image

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