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Collaboration networks in the video game industry

A little while back I came across an interesting paper with an huge set of data from Maathijs de Vaan, Balazs Vedres, and David Stark.

I have read several papers from Vedres & Stark (one of their papers is also included in the Padgett & Powell book I introduced in one of the early posts). These papers utilize very creative ways to analyze networks and also introduce the concept of ‘inter-cohesion’.

This one, however, deals with the video game industry, and provides an interesting look at networks in creative industries.

Abstract: To test the proposition that a high level of recurring cohesion and a high level of stylistic diversity can combine for successful team performance, this study constructs a dataset of the careers of 139,727 individuals who participated in project teams producing 16,507 video games between 1979 and 2009. Findings indicate that teams with more dissimilar stylistic experiences outperform teams with more homogenous backgrounds, but only for higher levels of recurring cohesion. Teams with high diversity and high social cohesion are better able to harmonize the noisy cacophony of an (otherwise) excessive plurality of voices, thereby exploiting the potential beneficial effects of cognitive diversity.


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